Nike Dunk Hot List ~ How to Order Nike Dunks Online

Nike Dunk Hot List

Which Nike Dunk is the hottest right now? That is the question that many sneaker aficionados will debate until six in the morning.

Certain styles of Nike Dunks will always be highly regarded as classic. Use of unique materials and themed shoes generated lots of interest from collectors. For instance, pairs of Denim Nike Dunks featured an exterior crafted entirely of denim material. Furthermore, the Dunk Low Pro SB Supreme Cements incorporated patterns and elements of old school Air Jordan sneakers. In addition, the Nike Heineken or "Heiny" Dunks used the color scheme and logo from Heineken Beer. These are all considered rare, collectible, and will undoubtedly fetch a high price on eBay. Some of these shoes came out years ago and in limited numbers, which makes them even more desirable.

A great example of this is the Nike SB What the Dunk shoe. Pictured above, it is a mash-up of all the hypest Dunk SB's ever made. Nike combined elements of different shoes together, including the Pigeons, the Jedis, the Denims, the Hufs, the Avengers, the Luckies, the Unluckies, the Supreme His, Supreme Lows, and the Hemps. They supposedly only released 300 pairs of this shoe.

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The Nike Dunk is a great shoe that has a classic look. It will be around for a long time. You can check out a short history of the shoe in my post, Every Nike Dunk Sneaker Ever Made. With so many pairs of the Nike Dunk in circulation, the answer to the initial question is entirely subjective. Pick a style you like, colors you like, and follow your personal preferences. There is lots of hype in the shoe game nowadays, but you don't necessarily need to follow the crowd. You don't even need to necessarily camp out or spend lots of money to find a great shoe. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so trust your instincts and you will find the perfect Nike Dunk for you.