Dunk SB / SB Dunk ~ How to Order Nike Dunks Online

Dunk SB / SB Dunk

Dunk SB sneakers (also referred to as the SB Dunk sneakers) were first released in March 2002. The skateboarding industry was growing quickly at this time. Skaters originally had some interest in some Nike Basketball shoes, but some stayed away because they felt the brand was too commercial. DC and Airwalk were some of the first shoe companies to cater specifically to skaters. They crafted shoes that were more durable, using different materials such as gum soles, plastic eyelets, and thicker tongues. All of this was designed for additional comfort and performance for skateboarders. SB Dunk sneakers (short for Skateboarding Dunk sneakers) continued this tradition with a design created specifically for optimized comfort and performance.

SB Dunk sneakers are just one of every Nike Dunk sneaker ever made. Nike's growing line of skateboarding shoes. Most models are included in the following list: the E-CUE, the Angus, the Air Zoom FC, the Zoom Team Edition, the SB Classic, the P-Rod (Paul Rodriguez Jr. signature series), the P-Rod 2, the P-Rod 2 High (set to release early 2008), the Blazer SB Low, the Blazer SB High, the Air Trainer 1 SB, the Regime, the Zoom Tre, the Zoom Tre AD (future 2008 release), the low SB Dunk sneakers, the Dunk SB mid sneakers, the High SB Dunk sneakers, the Delta Force, the Zoom Harbor, the Abbington, the Zoom Air Veloce (future 2008 release), and the Air Trainer 2 SB.

Nike has also used its classic scheme of getting athletes to endorse its Dunk sneakers. Some of the following skaters wear the Nike Dunk SB, but all of them are sponsors of Nike: Paul Rodriguez, Brian Anderson, Todd Jordan, Reese Forbes, Dan Murphy, Danny Supa, Daniel Shimnike dunk sb proizy, Chet Childress, Gino Iannucci, Stefan Janoski, Omar Salazar, Lance Mountain, Wieger and Van Wageningen.

Keep in mind SB Dunk sneakers are not cheap shoes. However, they are great quality which explains why they are pricier than normal Nike Dunk sneakers. In a nutshell, Nike is obviously committed to this market and will continue to create this line of shoes, with the SB Dunk (or Dunk SB) as its flagship sneaker.