Order Nike Dunks Online ~ How to Order Nike Dunks Online

Order Nike Dunks Online

If you want to buy Nike Dunks online, you have a wide variety of retailers to choose from. You can order Dunks online through many sites. Some online Nike Dunk retailers carry exclusive releases, while others have more common styles and models. Oftentimes, you can find the same shoes for drastically lower prices. Take a look at a few online retail stores before you order Dunks online and you will have a good shopping experience.

A lot of times, a limited pair of Nike Dunks online will be released, and you will struggle to get your hands on one. In a situation like that, sometimes the pair only gets released in a single store. A good example of this is the Recon/Nort Dunk Hi (also known as the Stingray) that was released in San Francisco only. In a case like this, you can look for these rare Dunks online. Often times, people will buy the shoes at the limited release, and sell them on eBay. However, you most likely won't be able to find cheap shoes this way. Because there is so little supply, and usually high demand (due to circulated images on the internet), prices are often high, sometimes reaching 300% or more of the original retail price.

You might not even want to order your Dunks online without having seen them first. In this case, you can go to specialty sneaker boutiques such as Undefeated in LA, Flight Club in New York or Los Angeles, or Recon or Huf in San Francsico. Many times these stores will have limited edition shoes for sale. Again, expect to pay more than retail, but at least you can see the shoes in person and make sure you are not getting ripped off. There are a lot of scams on eBay, with manufacturers in Hong Kong or China actually recreating rare sneakers and selling the fakes. Order Dunks online from reputable retailers.

A third option would be to attend a shoe convention or event. What I am talking about is Sneakerpimps. Sneakerpimps is a touring shoe show, where people pay for admission and can buy, sell, and trade shoes at the event. At the events, they have all sorts of shoes from Air Jordans, to vintage sneakers, to Dunk SB, to Dunk Low Pro SB, to Nike Blazer SB, to Air Max 95, to rare Air Force One to Dunk Hi. This tour has hit over 60 cities around the world and is quite an experience. You can see the Nike Dunk Hi SB up front, the workers check to make sure there are no fakes Dunk Hi sneakers, and there are sometimes performances by local artists. For example, at a 2007 Sneakerpimps event at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, Nas performed.

You have a few options to get your hands on that rare pair of Nike Dunks online, so use your resources and you'll find it eventually. Try to buy Dunks online and you'll be pleasantly surprised.